2023 Year in Review

Spinwheel Year in Review

As we look back at 2023, we can't help but beam with pride at the robust consumer debt APIs the Spinwheel team has created.

In the last 12 months, we have released our flagship real-time balance product, to allow our partners to access the most up to date information available on their users' liabilities. We have added ongoing support to continuously expand and improve our already best in the market 85%+ coverage.

We released our shiny new dev portal with 36 integration guides five helpful recipes and 14 sandbox test identities for comprehensive test automation. This makes it extremely easy for our partners (like you) to integrate and launch with Spinwheel -- some of our partners went from implementation to product launch within a mere two days!

Now, if you know anything about Student Loan servicers, you know they like to make easy things as complicated as possible. Despite over five major loan servicer migrations, existing servicers moving to new platforms, and the student loan payment pause coming to an end - Spinwheel has stayed on top of this all. We continue to provide an unwavering solution for end users to manage their student loans, and for employers to easily contribute to their employees' student loan accounts.

Our embedded debt solution offers data from 90,000+ institutions, and has made vast improvements. We have added more than 65 data points, fraud protection, alternative connect options, a new endpoint for retrieving a PDF copy of the credit report, amongst so many more.

And don't even get us started on payments! We are supporting payments to over 19,000 unique providers. So whether your users are making a payment towards a liability, or if you are offering debt consolidation through balance transfers - you can have the assurance that the transfer of funds is precise and seamless.

With all of this incredible progress behind us, we know our future is bright. And we will press on to offer the best comprehensive debt solution on the market; to help you transform financial outcomes for you and your users.