December 2023 Changes

  • πŸ”— Released a new Connect API for a KBA based flow. This API can be used as a fallback for Spinwheel's existing Connect APIs.
  • βœ… Added ecoaCodefield under the liabilityProfile or cardProfile section of the /v1/users response
  • πŸ’² Updated paymentToPlatform error handling to include minimum and maximum amount thresholds at time of paymentRequest
  • πŸŽ“ Added loanType field to a user's studentLoan record which indicates if a student loan liability account is PUBLIC, PRIVATE, or UNVERIFIED.
  • 🏦 Released new capabilities for payments being made through the Direct Student Loan Connection, for improved function and deliverability
  • πŸ’³ ChargeOffDate and ChargeOffAmount added to sandbox test users for improved use cases while testing