Direct Student Loan Connection

Before getting started

Haven't worked with our DIMs before? We suggest reading our complete Drop-in Module guide here before getting started. If text isn't your thing, we also have a video walkthrough that will get you up and running on the DIM Implementation page.


We provide a comprehensive suite of Drop-in Modules (DIMs) and APIs for connecting your users to their student loans debt.

Use cases include:

  • Making payments towards student loans
  • Refinancing a student loan
  • Rounding up payments to go towards a loan
  • Accessing rich data on all of your user's student loans

The first step towards any of these use cases is setting up the Connect DIM: ‘loan-servicers-login’.

This will create a user on the Spinwheel side and pull in all of their student loan data. From there you can utilize our DIMs and APIs to access your desired functionality.


A note on DIM setup

Make sure you handle the callbacks from our Drop-in Modules as that is how we communicate the various events that are taking place on the Spinwheel side with your app.


A student loan DIM successfully configured



When testing the launch of the Connect DIM, after creating a user with an ‘extUserId’, you should not attempt to connect to that ‘extUserId’ again, as it is meant to represent a real user, and as such is only intended to be connected once. That user can then continue to be referenced through API calls or while invoking other DIMs.

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