Embedded Payments


Spinwheel offers a number of payment mechanisms and options depending on the specific use case you are supporting. All debt types can have direct payments submitted to them, with some unique structures to give better flexibility and control.

The key payment use cases we provide are:

  1. Cross debt payment: Payment that is able to be run with all liability types, loan servicers, and individual user debt lines.
  2. Push to Card Payments: Payments specific to credit card liabilities, with an accelerated time frame from submission to disbursement of funds to the account
  3. Student Loan Direct Payments: Direct student loan payments for liabilities connected via Direct Student Loan Connection. These payments have enhanced functionality intended to give more flexibility to how the payment is applied with an individual loan

General Payments References

Here are the broad concepts/models that are necessary to understand our payments flows.

An object that dictates how funds will be used for a given payment. Funds can be directed towards multiple liabilities and goals based on the configuration of the use of funds object.

Payment Requests

The submission point for all payment origination, made up of a few key aspects:

AmountThe amount to be applied with the transaction
TypeThe type of transaction it is (ONE_TIME, RECURRING, ROUND_UP, AUTO_DEBIT)
Use of FundsAllocation model for how the amount is to be distributed


Generated from the payment requests and the reference point for transaction status and lifecycle of the transaction itself

Payments to Platform

The starting point of funds disbursement, where you are transferring funds on to the platform for payment toward liabilities. Think of this as pre-filling the account where the funds will be disbursed from.

Transaction Statuses

These statuses and their corresponding definitions can be found

Transaction StatusDescription
SCHEDULINGWhen a Transaction has been received by Spinwheel but not is yet in the process of being scheduled
PROCESSINGWhen a Transaction is in the process of being scheduled with the loan servicer by Spinwheel
SCHEDULING_RETRYWhen a Transaction was unable to be SCHEDULED, and must be assessed to determine further action
SCHEDULEDOnce a Transaction has been successfully scheduled with a loan servicer
SCHEDULED_REVIEW_REQUIREDWhen a Transaction is SCHEDULED but we are unable to determine if it was APPLIED or not
APPLIEDOnce a Transaction has been successfully applied with a loan servicer
FAILEDWhen a Transaction was not able to be successfully scheduled with a loan servicer
CANCELLEDWhen a Transaction has been cancelled and will not be completed because the payment request was deleted or the transaction is in an unrecoverable state
RETURNEDWhen a Transaction has been returned by the servicer back to the originated account

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