Connect a User


Spinwheel provides the ability to authenticate and connect your users' liabilities via two mechanisms. At a minimum, your users will be able to connect all of their debts with their mobile phone number and date of birth. All user connection happens by utilizing our DIMs. If you're unsure what DIMs are, we suggest you start here.

Debt Connect

The Debt Connect modules are intended to link a user to all of their liabilities via one of two streamlined flows. Upon success with either module, you will be able to interact with the rest of the Spinwheel APIs and other Spinwheel modules.

Each of the modules are one-time authentication functions and do not need constant re-authentication as can be experienced with other providers.

Debt Connect API


Embedded Debt Connect
This module takes your user’s mobile phone number and date of birth, and by leveraging Spinwheel data sources, pulls all of their open and closed debt lines.

  • For steps on implementing this module, follow this guide.

Debt Connect
This module is typically leveraged as a handoff from the previous module in the case the user needs to perform additional authentication functions. The user will be asked security questions and as an output of success will also pull all of their open and closed debt lines.

  • For steps on implementing this module, follow this guide.

Test Users

For testing in sandbox, we use full end to end connections to simulate the production experience with real users. Given that, it is important to follow the module specific workflow steps.


Embedded Debt Connect

Please use a valid US phone number to receive the possession confirmation text. For date of birth, you are able to enter any valid date of birth for a user over 18 years of age.

Debt Connect Test Identity Data

User AttributeInformation
First NameQBUZFI
Date of Birth1952-10-26
Street AddressA8 9616

Upon success with the user data entry, the user will be presented with a number of security questions. Please ensure you are clicking one of the available answers to the security questions or if none match, select “None of the above”.

  • Please select 'None of the above.' for all answers

Helpful Tips

If you are starting with Embedded Debt Connect, it is a best practice to configure the debt-connect DIM to be your failover in the unlikely case the user is unable to be connected via Embedded Debt Connect.

The best mechanism for this is monitoring based on the module specific events.



After creating a user with an extUserId, you should not attempt to connect another user with that same extUserId. This is because it represents a real user and there is a one-to-one relationship between extUserIds and users in the Spinwheel system. Once connected, that user can be referenced by their userId throughout API calls or when invoking other DIMs.

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