Narrative Codes

Here is a super set of the Narrative Codes that Spinwheel returns:

AAConsumer says merchandise or service unsatisfactory
ABConsumer says account paid/being paid by insurance
ACConsumer says acct is responsibility of separated or divorced spouse
AEConsumer says acct. Involved in business venture held personally liab
AFConsumer says account involves lease agreement dispute
AGConsumer disputes account - litigation pending
AHConsumer says account slow due to billing dispute with creditor
AIConsumer says account slow due to employment issues
AJConsumer says account slow due to medical expenses/illness
ALConsumer says warranty dispute
AMVoluntary surrender; there may be a balance due
ANInvoluntary repossession
APCommercial account
AQHousehold goods
ARHome loan
ASHome improvement loan
ATChecking account loan plan
AUPersonal loan
AWSecured by household goods
AXPaid by dealer
AYVoluntarily surrendered – then redeemed or reinstated
AZAmount in h/c column is credit limit
BBConsumer disputes this account information
BCAccount transferred or sold
BDPaid - credit line closed
BECredit line closed
BGClaim filed with government
BHDispute - resolution pending
BKRedeemed or reinstated repossession
BLConsumer says account slow due to domestic problems
BMConsumer says paid on notification - no prior knowledge of balance due
BNConsumer says co-signed account - not aware of delinquency
BOConsumer says no statement received due to address change
BPConsumer says this account spouse’s responsibility
BQPaid charge off
BRForeclosure process started
BSPaid or being paid by government guarantor
BUStudent loan
BVConsumer dispute following resolution
BWIncluded in bankruptcy
BXPayments managed by financial counseling program
BYCollection agency account - status unknown
BZAccount paid for less than full balance
CACharge off - making payments
CBCharged off - check presented was uncollectible
CDCustomer has now located consumer
CFClosed account
CGAccount closed - reason unknown
CHAccount paid after foreclosure started
CIInsurance claim pending
CJCustomer unable to locate consumer
CKDebit card
CLPaid or being paid by co-signer or guarantor
CMAccount assumed by another party
CNPaying under a partial payment agreement
CPConsumer says personal bankruptcy filed due to business failure
CQPltff verified judgment paid/satisfaction not recorded with court
CSSecured credit line
CVLine of credit
CWAccount closed by credit grantor
CXPayment is payroll deductible
CYAccount charged to profit and loss
CZCollection account
DAAccount closed by consumer
DBCharged off account
DCConsumer says account not paid promptly - insurance claim delayed
DDBalance is deficiency amount
DEConsumer says account paid in full
DGTitle 1 loan
DHBalance not paid by insurance
DIBalance paid or being paid by insurance company
DKPaid or being paid by garnishment
DLConsumer recalled to active military duty
DMForfeit of deed in lieu of foreclosure
DNBroken lease agreement
DOBankruptcy chapter 13
DPConversion loss paid by insurance
DQStudent loan - payment deferred
DSSingle payment loan
DTAmortized mortgage
DUSheriff sale
DVAmount in high credit includes finance charge
DWReturn mail
DXBalance owing - amount not reported
EAPaid or making payments - not according to terms of agreement
EBLease - early termination by default
ECHome equity
EDMaking payment - foreclosure was initiated
EFReal estate mortgage
EGGuaranteed student loan
EHNational direct student loan
EIConsumer disputes account - litigation filed by creditor pending
EJConsumer disputes account - litigation filed by consumer pending
EKChild/family support obligation
ELDefendant verified item pd/satisfaction not recorded with court
EMVoluntary return of purchase
ENAccount included in wep filed by another person
EOAccount included in bankruptcy of another person
EPFixed rate
EQVariable/adjustable rate
ERPaid collection
ESCharged back to dealer
ETPaid repossession
EUSee consumer statement
EVBankruptcy chapter 11
EYBusiness account -personal guarantee
EZHas co-signer
FAClosed or paid account/zero balance
FBIncluded in orderly payment debt
FCCredit line suspended
FDDefaulted student loan
FECredit card
FFConsumer says account not his/hers
FGConsumer says account never late
FHConsumer says this public record not his/hers
FLConsumer says this public record filed in error
FMConsumer says this public record item satisfied or released
FOConsumer says bankruptcy discharged
FPConsumer says bankruptcy dismissed
FQConsumer says current rate/status incorrect
FRMaking payments
FSAnnual payment
FTNot included in bankruptcy
FUCharged off checking account
FVPltff verified lien pd/release not recorded with court
FWConsumer disputes – reinvestigation in progress
FXAccount listed as public record
FZAccount reinstated with lender
GAPaid by collateral
GBAccount being paid through wep
GCAccount being paid through financial counseling plan
GDAccount paid through financial counseling plan
GEConsumer disputes this item
GFReaffirmation of debt
GHPlaintiff/counsel verified judgement paid
GJStudent loan assigned to government
GKAffected by natural disaster
GLFirst payment never received
GMAccount acquired by fdic/ncua
GNGovernment debt
GODebt consolidation
GPManufactured housing
GQRecreational merchandise
GRSecured credit card
HFAccount closed by consumer
HL100% payment to creditors filing claims
HMAccount included in bankruptcy of primary borrower
HNAccount included in bankruptcy of secondary borrower
HOReturned check
HPFha mortgage
HQVa mortgage
HRConventional mortgage
HSSecond mortgage
HUCommercial mortgage-individual liable, company is guarantor
HVDeposit related
HWChild/family support
HXTransferred to recovery
IAConsumer voluntarily withdrew from bankruptcy
IBLease - full termination
ICLease - early termination
IDStatus pending
IEFannie mae account
IFFreddie mac account
IGPrepaid lease
IHConsumer pays balance in full each month
IIPrincipal deferred/interest payment only
IJPayment deferred
IKBankruptcy voluntarily withdrawn
ILBankruptcy chapter 7
IMBankruptcy chapter 12
INReaffirmation of debt rescinded
IPConsumer disputes this account information
IQConsumer disputes after resolution
IRAccount closed at consumer’s request
ITAccount acquired from another lender
IZAmount in high credit is original charge-off amount
JAElection of remedy
JDConsumer deceased
JEAdjustment pending
JFInactive account
JGDollar amount in excess of $1 billion
JHPersonal receivership – repayment managed by court trustee
JJTime share loan
JK120 days past due
JL150 days past due
JM180 days or more past due
JNPartially secured
JONote loan
JPRental agreement
JQAuto lease
JSUnsecured government loan
JTSecured government loan
JUHome equity line of credit
JVAttorney fees
JWConstruction loan
JXFlexible spending credit card
JYCombined credit plan
JZDebt buyer account
KAInstallment sales contract
KBBankruptcy petition
KCBankruptcy discharged
KDBankruptcy completed
KELease assumption
KFAccount previously in dispute – now resolved by data furnisher
KGChapter 7 bankruptcy dismissed
KHChapter 11 bankruptcy dismissed
KIChapter 12 bankruptcy dismissed
KJChapter 13 bankruptcy dismissed
KKChapter 7 bankruptcy withdrawn
KLChapter 11 bankruptcy withdrawn
KMChapter 12 bankruptcy withdrawn
KNChapter 13 bankruptcy withdrawn
KOBankrupcty – undesignated chapter
KPAccount closed due to inactivity
KQCredit line no longer available - in repayment phase
KRCredit line reduced due to collateral depreciation
KSCredit line suspended due to collateral depreciation
KTCollateral released by creditor/balance owing
KULoan modified under a federal government plan
KVLoan modified
KWAccount in forbearance
KZAccount paid in full; was a voluntary surrender
LBHomeowners association (hoa)