Getting Started with Drop-in Modules

This page will help you get started with Spinwheel Drop-in modules. You'll be up and running in a jiffy!

First thing's first, what is a DIM?

A Drop-in Module, also known as a DIM, is a pre-built code snippet that includes a visually appealing Spinwheel user interface. This feature allows you to quickly access our functionality without any additional customization.

You can embed a DIM in your existing web or mobile app with just a few lines of code.

Embedd Finance DIMs

Key Features

Here are some key features of Spinwheel DIMs:

  • They can be fully customized to match your user experience and visual design
  • You can compose one or more DIMs together to create your desired workflow
  • They are completely responsive and designed to work on desktop browsers, mobile web and as a web-view within an iOS or - Android mobile app
  • The integration is seamless with sso handshake, oAuth or a custom webhook to verify your user’s identity

Available DIMs


Module Names

Note that the module name is what gets passed to the Spinwheel.create method in order for us to determine what module should be rendered. You can learn more about that on the DIM Implementation page.

Have a look at the current Debt DIMs we have available below:

DIM NameUse CaseModule Name
Embedded Debt Connect Drop in ModuleConnect user debts with just their phone number and date of birthidentity-connect
Debt Connect Drop in ModuleConnect user debts with their personal information and confirmation via security questionsdebt-connect
Personal Refinance Drop in ModuleRefinance a user's existing debts or originate new loans via a number of loan purposespersonal-refi
Auto Refinance Drop in ModuleRefinance a user's existing auto loanauto-refi
Credit Card Update ModuleUpdate the details of a user's credit card informationcredit-card-update
Pre-qualification ModuleSingle page flow to enable pre-qualification of usersprequal

Have a look at the current Direct Student Loan DIMs we have available below:

DIM NameUse CaseModule Name
Connect Drop in ModuleConnect a users student loans via a direct login with each servicer they have loans withloan-servicers-login
Loan Pal Drop in ModuleAn interactive dashboard and goal oriented experience for the user to see all of their loan information in a single pageloan-pal
Precision Pay Drop in ModuleEnable users to send payments to their loans via a number of different mechanisms (one-time, recurring, and round-ups)precision-pay
Loan List Drop in ModuleAn overview of all student loans connected for a user, along with an ability to dive into more granular details per servicer and per loanloan-list
Transaction History Drop in ModuleA single page view to review transactions that a user has made toward their student loanstransaction-history
Student Loan Refinance Drop in ModuleRefinance a users existing student loan(s)student-loan-refi
Auto Debit Drop in ModuleAllow users to setup auto-debit with their loan servicersauto-debit


For the Drop-In Modules, there is an ability to customize certain elements, colors, logos, and fonts on a per module basis. This can be accessed directly at the DIM-Docs toolset available here. You will need to have a partner created in sandbox to be able to save configurations using this tool.

To learn more about our debt APIs and 1-click solutions, visit

What’s Next

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