Drop-in Modules

Student Loan DIMs

We have a number of DIMs available for student loans. These are explained in the table below.

Loan Servicers Login ('loan-servicers-login')Connect a users student loans via a direct login with each servicer they have loans with
Loan Pal (‘loan-pal’)Gives your user a high level breakdown of their loan data with elegant visuals
Loan List (‘loan-list’)Shows your users an explicit list of their connected loans
Loan Details (‘loan-details’)Typically lies within the loan list experience that gives explicit detail and tracking of the individual loan
Precision Pay (‘precision-pay’)You can offer your users a way to make and automate payments via the Spinwheel DIM experience
One Time payments (mode: ‘oneTime’)Allows your users to make on the spot one time payments to their servicer
Recurring payments (mode: ‘recurring’)Allows your users to make recurring payments to their servicer
Round Up payments (mode: ‘roundUp’)Allows your users to "round up" transactions to pay off their student loans
Auto Debit (‘auto-debit’)Set and pay directly with the servicer
Transaction History (‘transaction-history’)Track the up to date payments that have been successfully made to each loan

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